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more stuff to show you

here are some paintings ive created in the past coupla weeks or so:

ovals: nature  30X30

white bird pop  11X14

words have power  22x30

love the world  20X20

hopefully home  42x42

and there's always more coming.  as always, if you want more info or wanna buy something just email me at!

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Once again Im finding myself up at 3AM working feverishly to get another hanging ready. I had a showing at a new coffee place here in Portland last month....Muddy Waters on 30th and SE Belmont. I took it down three days ago. I get a call tonight and a guy from the cafe tells me that the artist who had the December space hung a bunch of art not like any of the art in his portfolio and that customers are coming in asking for me to bring my art back! Im like totally flattered, but it means Ive got to work all night to get some new pieces ready. Many need to be varnished and sides painted and then a list typed up with prices and little strips of paper with my name and number attached, etc, etc, etc. On top of this I have to get two pieces I recently sold online dropped off at Art Media (the art store in downtown Portland) to be stretched. Then they have to be varnished and packed and shipped by Thursday. I am supposed to be buying some google and yahoo search marketing ads but I first need to update my website which has to be somehow finished by friday. I know I should not be complaining, Im very lucky to be selling my art and to have people ask for me, but these bones are tired!

Here's some new work I have up on ebay this week:

im going to bed. I'll type out the list for the Muddy Waters show in the morning.

Oh! I signed up for this conference! Im so excited!

Smartist TeleSummit 2007

My son and I are taking this together. He is planning on opening up an art store/gallery where he will be showing my art as well as several other artists and artisans. I will talk more about it in future posts.
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Seattle Times writes about great art on ebay!

well, its about time! Finally a positive aricle in the Seattle Times about selling art on ebay!

Home is Where the Art Is

Ok. So what is up with me? Im showing at the Pi Rem Art Lounge in Portland in Old Town. July 6 - 29

Im also at the Noah's Bagels on Hawthorne til August. I just talked to a woman who, after eating her bagel, decided she wants to buy 3 pieces! Get this, turns out she grew up in NYC's Upper West Side about the same time I did. She on W77th, me on W72nd. Crazy, huh?

This is a big week for me. Im buying a new computer and camera. I am so excited! Ive been working on a relatively small screen monitor for years and often I have 3-4 different programs up at once and at least 2-3 browser screens and I never have enough space so it can be pretty frustrating. Im getting an Apple iMac with a 20" screen with an extra G of memory and a Fuji S9000 10 megapixel camera. Im going to get a mac consultant to come in and show me around.

I need to re-learn how to take pictures so they come out at the right resoution not just for the web but for larger prints. I am going to start offering prints, but I dont know how to take what comes off my camera and turn it into a digital file that will allow me to make actual size prints. I'll check craigslist for a photographer to teach me.

Gotta run. here's my latest:

This one is up at auction on

These two are hanging at the Pi-Rem Art Lounge in Portland

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Work space seems to be an ongoing issue for me as I amasss more supplies and they take up more space. Im using the kitchen table to lay things out for my collage pieces, but its a small 36" round table and it's not big enough. Right now my "studio" is in the dining area...and my computer and TV is in the other end of the room, or living area. Its always in a state of flux and it is really a problem. I'm the most disorganized person in the world. I might even be at the point that I need to call in professional help! The total size of the room (dining room and living rooom is about 35' long and 15 widh. The dining area is determined by a set of floor to ceiling plain square columns and on each side is a wall that comes up 4 feet. Then to make things more weird to figure Ive got a corner fireplace but on one corner its the door to the kitchen...then add the windows and I end up with very little wall space.

I have lots of shelving and stuff but what I really need is a big long table to do the collage work... anywhere to assemble things. I will say that having a fireplace is nice. This winter its been a lifesaver cause I ran out of oil a about a month ago.

anyway, gotta run. The painting above just sold on ebay.
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This is my latest and currently for sale on ebay.

Now, I really love this piece. It just glows. I have it listed as a three day auction, but if no bids are placed by the time there are 12 hours left I will extend til 5, then 7, then 10. It has a reserve of $200.

Oh, and by the way, if you are in Portland and find yourself in the Alberta Arts district I am being shown until the last wednesady in February at the Fuel Cafe. Its right on Alberta, I believe on the corner of 15th. The prices range from $40 for my smaller pieces to $700 for the larger more labor intensive pieces. Its going very well as I have already made some sales, one on opening night! Im trying to build up more of a local presence. Im too much of a hermit, so Ive hired the absolute bestest assistant an artist can have. She rocks! Within the first few days of working for me she has arranged three shows and she is shlepping my art to various galleries and cafes around the area to a stellar response!

Well, I better go. I am working on a new Words Have Power piece and will post it when its done. Here's another original painting for your visual pleasure. Be back least sooner than I usually post!

This is one made from an ad I found in an old copy of L'illustration of the Paris Exposition of 1937. Absolutely fabulous ads! Anyway, I used some collage techniques I learned from a Claudine Hellmuth video. As soon as I can figure out how to link to stuff I will show you how to order it. For a self taught artists such as myself art videos can be so helpful! Gotta run!

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up she rises!

im on a huge creative surge, here's the latest:

This one is up for auction on ebay at $600. I dont usually start out so high,but one can try, yes?. You can find me on ebay by putting "pbrooke" in the search and then be sure to click on the store icon to see what else i have up.


This one sold over the weekend for $305

ive got 6 different canvas going on at the same time! Thats a record for me! But I find I dont like to work fast with these collage pieces. I love going thru all my different papers..ive paper from countries all over the world and im also having a blast buying stickers. Its like being a little kid again. Im just having so much fun! I have all my old magazines out looking thru them all for collage elements. Gotta do something with them! Anyway, i will be back!
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new old stuff

went thru files on my computer this week and got inspired to work on a few ideas. to update my old old work and give it a new spin. These are all 24X30 on canvas panel so they need a frame.

a party of birds celebration
delightful purple

contemporary, abstract art, acrylic, treeline

the painted house and new work

Ok. Here it is, Not quite done yet, Ive got some simple white curtains coming in and the blinds are being tossed. i hate em. There's still the landscaping to do, but the house is painted and the response has been over the top. People love it! Its had a helluva reaction. Nothing understated about this house!

New work:

i'll be back!